Why you should learn how to cold approach

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

First, let us define “cold approach”. Cold approach is the art of approaching a woman you don’t know and starting a conversation. You can approach her in the street, at a party, in a club, at the mall, wherever. If you practice and learn how to do it effectively, it will literally change your life. I say this from personal experience - as it has changed my life.

There are various reasons why you should learn how to cold approach:

  1. Most men do not cold approach, and of those who do, only a small percentage do so in an attractive and effective way. I would estimate that only approximately 5 percent of men know how to approach effectively. Therefore, learning this skill will put you in the top 5 percent of the male population. This clearly works to your advantage as you have virtually no competition. While coaching a client a few weeks ago I approached a cute girl, got her number, and set up a date. During my approach, she said that she was surprised that I approached her, and that this was the first time in eight years that a guy had the courage to talk to her. With our help, you can be this guy soon!

  2. The skills and traits necessary to succeed at cold approaching are incredibly versatile. If you learn how to cold approach effectively, the skills and traits that you develop will be able to be used in other areas of your life including your career, business, and social relationships. Examples include: Conversational skills, improvisational skills, wittiness, persuasion, courage, ability to handle rejection well, confidence, playfulness, proper body language, calmness, charisma, persistence, and how to overcome objections.

  3. Where do most guys meet women? Through their social circle, at work, or on dating apps. While these may be effective ways to meet women, they have a major limitation: you have limited options. However, cold approach gives you access to 3.8 billion women!

  4. Imagine this scenario: a man named Ben is on the bus, on the way to work, when a girl sits right across from him. He notices her piercing blue eyes and stunning blonde hair. She’s looking at him, smiling, and playing with her hair. She’s waiting, expectantly, for Ben to start a conversation. What does he do? He looks down nervously, and gets off at his stop, never to see her again. If he only had the proper skills to cold approach, it is quite possible that this girl could have been an incredible casual partner, girlfriend, or wife. Similar to point 3 above, cold approach provides an opportunity to meet women whom you’d generally not meet during the course of your day-to-day life.

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