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The Importance of Patience

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

You might be thinking to yourself, “What exactly does being patient have to do with being successful with women?” Alot. So listen up.

It is important to be patient when it comes to meeting and attracting women. Your

patience level will impact your success, or failure, with them.

Let us examine two situations that often occur in the dating scene to illustrate this point:

1. You get a cute girl’s number, text her, but she doesn't reply.

2. You try to have sex with a girl, but she says she is not ready.

For each of these situations there is an attractive and effective way to act and an

unattractive and ineffective way to act:

Situation 1:

If the girl does not respond to your texts, it’s possible she is busy, at work, at the gym,

or is simply “not a phone person”. Give her the benefit of the doubt and wait for a bit. If

you repeatedly text her over and over you come across as needy and desperate. This

kills attraction. The best thing to do is text her and give her a few hours to respond, then

text her again. Then wait! If she still does not respond, try her a third time - a day or two

later. If she still doesn't text back, delete her number and move on. She is obviously not

interested and it is more effective to pursue women who are interested in you. Go where

you are wanted and valued.

Situation 2:

One way to react in this situation is to become agitated, angry and scream at her for not

wanting to have sex with you. While this might make you feel good in the moment you

will probably never see her again. Most women would not tolerate being treated like

this. Alternatively, you can resort to the attractive and effective way of reacting: Say

something like, “ not a problem. I understand. I won’t pressure you. Whenever you are

ready to have sex, we can do it”. In fact, a similar situation once occurred to me and I

said something similar. The girl was surprised and happy to hear it. We ended up

having sex a week later.

Patience, baby, patience...

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