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The Dating Skills Mastery’s Holistic Approach To Succeeding With Women

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

There are various companies that teach men how to succeed with women. However, these companies fail to address a crucial aspect of improving with women: you need to address the individual, as a whole. Most companies focus solely on Cold Approach, and while this is a crucial part of being successful, it is not the only part. Humans are complex beings, and focusing solely on one aspect of meeting and attracting women to the exclusion of all others is an oversimplification of the factors necessary for success, and is not beneficial.

Systems Theory is a field dedicated to the study of systems. An example of a system includes a boat, computer, or bicycle. The basic idea behind this theory is, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. A simple example of this is baking a cake. If you lay out the ingredients of a cake, you would not have a cake. Instead, you would only have the ingredients of a cake. But, suppose you combine the ingredients in a particular way, then you will produce a cake. Another example is a car engine. If you have all the pieces of a car engine on a garage floor, you do not have an engine. You have parts of an engine. However, if you put the engine parts together in the right way, you get something much greater than the parts; you get transportation. These examples demonstrate the idea that, what makes a cake or car engine is the actual interaction or combination of their parts, not the simple sum of the parts themselves.

Applying this theory to dating skills, suppose we have a man named Brad. Brad is highly skilled at Cold Approaching and gets twenty phone numbers a week. However, Brad is on welfare, obese, unemployed, depressed, and plays video games in his mom’s basement all day. Do you think he can achieve real success with women? It’s highly unlikely, because although he is skilled in one aspect of meeting women, ie, Cold Approach, he is failing drastically in others. However, if Brad were to get a decent paying job, lose weight, and seek help for his depression, he’d be more attractive to women, and therefore more successful. This is precisely why Dating Skills Mastery believes in the importance of taking an holistic approach to improving dating skills. Consequently, although a major aspect of what we teach is Cold Approach, we also address other factors necessary to succeed: physical health, mental health, intelligence, aesthetics, social life, and more. If you want to become an attractive man you must become a better person. Neil Strauss famously stated, “ Don’t look for the person you want to spend your life with...Become the person you want to spend your life with”.

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