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Passivity, and Leaving Things to Chance

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

In life, nothing of value comes to those who wait -nothing comes to you and falls on your doorstep. Not women, money, jobs, whatever. You need to pursue it. You must take responsibility for your desires and act. In life, people often wait for good things to happen. And by waiting, they miss out on opportunities. Being passive won’t get you far. It may give you a mediocre life, but nothing more.

I was at a bar a few days ago. What I am about to describe happens every single night at bars and clubs throughout the world: Men standing at the bar, drinks in hand, staring at the women. They thought something magical will occur and a girl will suddenly walk up to them and start a conversation. Let me tell you: they are dreaming. They are being passive and leaving it up to chance, something which fails 95 % of the time.

When it comes to meeting and attracting women, you, as a man, must initiate the conversation. Stunning looks, sexy abs, wealth, or a beautiful car will not help if you cannot take your two feet, walk up to her, and start a conversation. Just an example to demonstrate this: An acquaintance of mine recounted a story of his friend, who recently purchased a brand new Mercedes for about 150,000. He said he bought it because he thought it would “help him with the ladies”, but later admitted that it “it didn't help that much”.

Stop being passive, and start taking responsibility and action in your dating life.

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