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No woman wakes up saying, "God, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today!"

-Will Smith

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My name is Michael Zidel, the founder of Dating Skills Mastery, based in Toronto. Thank you for visiting our site.

I’m really excited to have this amazing opportunity - to be able to help men improve one of the most important aspects of their lives - relationships. Research has shown that the quality of our relationships influences the quality of our lives. So I take this very seriously. 

My journey started years ago, when I was a teenager. I was raised in a strictly religious household. I did not have any success with women, and I was very frustrated. I did not have any brothers or anyone to teach me how to interact with women. So I decided that I needed to address this part of my life, and teach myself. After years of learning, hard work, persistence, failure, and trial and error, I eventually had tremendous success!

Now, I’d like to share my secrets of success with you.


Dating Skills Mastery takes a holistic approach to improving dating skills. We believe that the key to success with women is to be an all-around attractive and good guy. 

We want to take your dating life to a whole new level. 

What we teach will not only make you more successful with women, it will also make you a better man. 


As someone who graduated Cum Laude from one of Canada's top universities - with a Bachelor's degree in Human Relations/Psychology, I believe my educational background has contributed to my knowledge and understanding of dating skills, psychology, people, and our innate desire to connect.

We proudly donate one percent of our sales to Heads Up Guys, an organization that helps men combat depression. 

To your success.


"The best investment you can make is in yourself"

-Warren Buffet


Become the man you've always known you could be

For every purchase you make, we donate 1% to charity.

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Personalized Coaching Sessions

60-minute one-on-one sessions offering personalized coaching, tailored to your needs.

Weekly Text package

This option is best for guys in need of minimal advice and support. Clients text us questions and within 12
hours, we will respond with personalized advice and

(Limited Availability)

The Supreme Fashion Update

Looks matter. That’s a fact. Improving your style and grooming will help you succeed with women, which is why we offer this
personalized service.

Online Dating Profile Makeover & Texting Help 

Are you frustrated because you are not getting enough matches on your dating profiles?  Want to improve your profile? Would you like us to help you with your messaging game?

Ask a question via email

This option is best for guys who have a quick question or prefer to consult via email. We will answer within 24 hours.

unlimited Phone, Text & Email Package

This deluxe package gives
you unlimited access to a professional Dating Coach at your fingertips! You can text, call, and email us. 

(Limited Availability)

Professional Online Dating Profile Photoshoot

The pictures you post on your online dating profiles matter. That’s a fact. It can literally make or break your entire profile. Having awesome photos are vital to making a great first impression. 

Yes, we know, there are many photographers to choose from. However, these photographers are just that, photographers - they take photos. They don't know what makes an attractive photo or what will make women absolutely want to match with you and go on a date. 

That’s where we come in. With this deluxe and personalized service, our professional photographer meets with you and takes absolutely stunning photos. And Coach Michael will be there, making sure your photos are as attractive and sexy as possible, so that you can get great results and more matches!

 Want to know the secret to meeting women during Covid?...



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Unlike Anything  You Have Seen Before

Unlike others, we teach men how to meet and attract women in a natural, authentic, and moral way- we do not teach manipulation,  dishonesty or sleazy tactics.


We take an holistic approach to improve men's dating skills and emphasize the importance of improving one’s personality, social skills, physical and mental health, and aesthetics.

Best Pricing On The Market

We are client-obsessed. They are the center of our universe. Our purpose is to serve the needs of our clients and ensure their success and satisfaction, that's why we provide our services at affordable rates -in order to help the most men possible.

We Give Back

Dating Skills Mastery is committed to using business as a force for good. That is
why we give back - one percent of our sales will be donated to an online resource dedicated to helping men suffering from Depression.


Tailored Services

We customize to your needs. Each client has their own needs. Some are older, some younger, and some want a particular type of woman or relationship. Likewise, some are beginners while others are more experienced. We tailor our services to fit each student’s’ needs. At Dating Skills Mastery, there is no 

"one size fits all."


A fundamental aspect of our teachings is that men can attract women by being a good person - assholes don’t finish first.

We believe men can meet women literally anywhere. That is why we teach how to meet women in any place you can think of: Malls, libraries, busses, clubs, bars, on the street, or standing in line while you’re waiting to pick up your dry cleaners.


Our teachings are based upon psychological research and over a decade of experience.

Dating Skills Mastery was founded by Michael Zidel, who spent over a decade learning how to succeed with women, and is now an expert on the topic. He has a Bachelor's degree in Human Relations/Psychology, graduating Cum Laude.


Michael has been of great assistance to me in my journey to build self-confidence and establish
personal relationships. His laid back, carefree, and magnetic personality, accompanied by sharp
wit and hilarity, have taught me a lot about approaching, texting and dealing with women. As
well as dealing with myself and relationships in general. He is a good educator and takes the
time needed to make sure everything is properly understood. Michael is also punctual and
accessible when needed, which is important. If you are looking to develop the best version of
yourself, then this is the man to speak with.